Dentures and Partials in Mobile, AL


At Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry, both Dr. O’Donnell and  Dr. Willis are highly qualified to evaluate your teeth, gums and bone to provide a recommendation regarding the need or indication for dentures.

Dentures are one of several treatment methods for the replacement of missing teeth. In addition to the teeth, dentures replace what is missing from the surrounding supporting structures (gum tissues). The results can be transformative and can provide a return to necessary form and function.

If you’ve lost all of your natural teeth, whether from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your health. When you lose all of your teeth, facial muscles can sag, making you look older. Dentures can help fill out the appearance of your face and profile. At Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry, we use high quality industry standard acrylic for the construction of the gum colored base and it is attached to either porcelain or acrylic teeth.

We also offer Overdentures. An overdenture utilizes dental implants to help retain the denture in the mouth, limiting slippage and movement. Specialized attachments are fixed to the denture as well as the implant, allowing the denture to “snap” into place.

Our dentures are custom made and fitted over a few appointments. We are not a denture-in-a-day clinic. If you are looking for a dental office that takes the time and effort to create a beautiful smile that is suited to your liking, you have found the right place at Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry.


Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry also offers partial dentures or partials” which are utilized when there are missing teeth but healthy teeth still remain in the mouth. A partial denture consists of acrylic or porcelain replacement teeth attached to an acrylic gum-colored base. It is held in place in the mouth by a metal framework that connects to your teeth. A removable partial can be made to attach to your natural teeth or dental implants with devices called precision attachments. Precision attachments are generally more esthetic than metal clasps. Crowns on your natural teeth are sometimes needed to improve the fit of a removable partial denture. Partials have many benefits. They can restore the comfort of normal chewing, eating and speech, improve your appearance and bolster confidence. They can also prevent other teeth from drifting into gaps left by missing teeth.

Crafting dentures and partials that look natural and complement your facial features and coloring requires a special eye for detail. Drs. O’Donnell and Willis have years of experience in creating dentures that are made just for you. At Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry, we want to provide you with results that go above and beyond your expectations. Your complete comfort and satisfaction are always our highest priorities.

You won’t believe how great you'll look and feel with your new beautiful smile. Take the first step to restoring your smile, and give us a call today.

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