Dental Benefits Membership Plan

No Insurance? No Problem! 

Come see us at Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry for treatment you need, at prices you can afford. Our Dental Benefits Membership Plan is an annual reduced fee dental plan that allows individuals and families to recieve the quality dental care we are known for along the Gulf Coast. It is designed to provide affordability and greater access to quality care. Great Savings...Great Smiles!

With your Dental Benefits Membership there are:    

  • No Annual Maximums
  • No Deductibles
  • No Claim Forms
  • No Pre-Authorization Requirements
  • No Limitations on Pre-Existing Conditions
  • No Waiting Period - Immediate Eligibility

Dental Benefits Membership Rates:

Single $325 - Spouse/Partner $299 - Children $199 Each

What is Included in Membership?

  • Comprehensive Exam (New Patient - Initial Visit)
  • Periodic Exam (1 per year) - Child under 18 (2 per year)
  • Limited Oral Exam (Problem Focused - 1 per year)
  • Full Set of x-Rays (1 every five years)
  • Preventative Care Visits (Cleanings) - Healthy Gums (2 per year) Includes Bitewings

Discounts (% Off) on Products and Services: 

  • Dental Products 10%
  • Additional Cleanings 15%
  • Sealants and Fluoride 15%
  • Fillings and Core Build Ups 15%
  • Crowns 15%
  • Veneers 15%
  • Periodontics (Unhealthy Gums) 15%
  • Dentures and Partials 15%
  • Oral Surgery 15%
  • Root Canals 15%
  • Dental Implants 15%
  • Adult Aligner Therapy $200 OFF 


Program Exclusions & Limitations:

This program is a savings plan NOT a dental insurance plan, and is secondary to any other dental plan.

It cannot be used:

  • In conjunction with another dental plan or insurance
  • For services for injuries covered under workman's compensation
  • For referrals to specialists
  • For hospitalizations or hospital charges of any kind
  • For costs of dental care which is covered under automobile medical
  • In conjunction with coupons or discounts



  • Once the annual membership fee is paid, you will be entitled to the Dental Benefit Membership Plan for 12 consecutive months.
  • Members, spouses and dependent children* are eligible. Children may remain members only as dependents of adult members.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the member to maximize their benefits by scheduling all appropriate appointments within the 12 month period.
  • If the appointments are left unused, the member will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Renewal payment is due at the beginning of the same month each year.
  • You must remain a plan member for the duration of the treatment to retain savings plan benefits.
  • Non refundable or transferrable. Discounts under membership do not apply to any treatment prior to joining.
  • Patient's portion due in full at time of service.
  • Care Credit can be used, but patient must pay the convenience fee associated with its use. 

*eligible dependents include children who are enrolled full time in college until age 23, or children who are not enrolled full time in college until the age of 18.


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