CEREC Same Day Dentistry in Mobile, AL

We know your time is valuable. Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry is one of a select number of innovative dental offices in the Mobile area to offer our patients CEREC same-day dentistry. It is the most advanced and efficient way to restore teeth and it is all completed in ONE convenient visit. CEREC minimizes the time a patient spends in the dental chair and provides a workflow and method for precision and safer dental implant placement and restoration.

Dr. Brandon O'Donnell and Dr. Joseph Willis do specialize in CEREC assisted restorations. Watch their recent television interview and learn more. CEREC technology requires extra training. When you choose a CEREC dentist you are choosing a dentist who is dedicated to accuracy, efficiency and durability. 

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for ‘ceramic reconstruction.’ It is a 3D imaging and camera assisted design center that allows dentists to take digital impressions of patient teeth. The images are then used with our in-office milling unit for same-day restorations, eliminating the lab step in manufacturing the crown. This system allows us to make a blueprint of your mouth, and with that information, the ability to design and place inlays, onlays, crowns, porcelain veneers or bridges that are custom tailored to your teeth. Your restoration is attached with exceptional precision for natural-looking results.  The accuracy and fit are within one thousand of a millimeter; an accuracy that easily exceeds the previously considered "gold standard" in dental restoration procedures. CEREC is setting new standards in dentistry and constantly evolving to adapt to the demands of dentists and their patients. What once took multiple appointments can now be completed here at Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry in just ONE appointment. 

What are the Advantages of CEREC Optical Scanning?

One Appointment Treatments - 

One significant benefit to this advanced technology is that it is extremely practical. Only one appointment is needed and this makes the process for repairing damaged teeth far more convenient, comfortable and efficient. This saves time and money over prior methods of completing restorations. 

Increased Comfort - Better Patient Care

No impression trays and no gooey mess. You spend less time in the dental chair and less time away from your daily acitivites.

Beautiful Natural-looking Materials - 

CEREC ceramic is metal free and is color matched with precision to provide patients with a seamless look, making it blend in with your natural teeth.

Long-term Strength and Durability - 

The ceramics used in your restoration are inherently strong and resistant to wear. They are also computer controlled in fabrication so it eliminates risk of human error in the lab.

CEREC material and technology can be used for Fillings -

Fillings made out of porcelain are more durable than white composite fillings.


A beautiful smile is one of your greatest assets - a reflection of happiness and good health. Thanks to these recent innovations in dentistry, and the proven skill and talent of Dr. O'Donnell and Dr. Willis to make restorations look beautiful and natural, getting the smile you always dreamed of is easier and faster than ever. When you think about it, the CEREC process works like 3D printing, which is also a highly touted technological advancement that's being utilized in our office today! If you have better things to do with your time, please call our office. We're excited to show you the difference CEREC technology can make. 

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